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Jumbo has many years of experiences in projection screen manufacture. Obtaining from the mature manufacture technology of projection screen, Jumbo has successfully provided high quality products in electric curtain industry. The high quality electric curtains we delivered are designed by our experienced develop team, and integrate all the parts into robust products. Our goal is to improve better and higher quality life for human nature.
Electric curtain model
1. groove system secures fabric prevent fabric from falling.
2. 60kg patent slide rail system. Long last preventing from deformation.
3. fabrics SGS certified. Taiwan Textile Research Institute certified.
4. innovation mechanical designs. Especially for big size curtain. Straighten and prevents saggy.
5. high torque performance silent motor.
6. location setting device with minimum and maximum, precise locate. Accurate positioning,

‧Fashionable curtain (single shaft + upper slide rail+ outer case)

‧ Standard (single shaft+ upper slide rail)

‧ Economy (single shaft+ L shape bracket)


A-1. Built-in remote control receiver motor
Installed inside the shaft, compatible with wall mount wireless remote controller
A-2. adhesive wireless remote
portable remote controller/ stick on wall, 100 m range, slick design. (Curtain should have receiver installed)
B-1. standard tubular motor
Installed inside the shaft, compatible with wall-mounted wire controller.
B-2. wall-mounted wire/wireless controller and receiver
wire control; also compatible with wireless controller for better controllability.(Suggest purchase with fashionable remote controller)
B-3. Hand-held remote controller
Remote control range 100m, 3 models to choose
A. 1 to 1 – single window and continuous
B. 1 to 6 – light indicator display
C. 1 to 42 digital display.