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Electric Floor Rising Screens

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Motorized Projection Screen

JUMBO Electric Floor Rising Screens

Free installation, convenient mobile to anywhere, Can be moved to anywhere as you like. Free from the limited venues, it’s convenient for home theater and business using.
Main structure:the main structure of screen scroll / outer housing / outer housing are made of aluminum alloy by die molding with electric high-density oxidized coating sealing treatment which have characteristics of anti-acid, anti-corrosion, good weatherproof, high strength, low weight and not easy to deform.
Curtain material:Matte White –PVC laminated with glass fiber complex layer-type as fiber base with vertical and horizontal alignment interweaving, its surface applied with high-contrast optical latex which can wipe cleanly and its ideal scattering angle can be up to 100 degree, gain ratio of 1:1.
Drive motor:High torque axis type motor – equipped with direct driven planetary gear, electromagnetic brake and seven noise suppressing and shock-proof treatments; Motorized screen location device with minimum and maximum setting, non-stage setting on demand; with auto power-off protection device to avoid motor overheating; with CE certificate.
RF wireless remote controller:Applying with high-frequency microwave intelligent coding burner program, 360-degree non-point received by master control unit to control the screen positioning movements, rolling screen up or down can be automatically stopped and freely manipulated during the screen moving. (Optional)
Electric Floor Rising Screens
Dimension Model projection diagonal
viewing area
A x B
fabric size
C x D
outer shape size
H x I x J
upper black
lower black
right left black
matte white
4:3 JSV-FE84 84" 170*127 180*227 192*11*21 8 100 5
JSV-FE100 100 " 203*152 213*252 225*11*21 8 100 5
16:9 JSH-FE84 84" 185*104 195*204 207*11*21 8 100 5
JSH-FE100 100 " 221*124 231*224 243*11*21 8 100 5