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JUMBO Tripod Projection Screens

Type:Tripod Type for front projection
Main structure:the main structure of screen scroll / outer housing / outer housing are made of aluminum alloy by die molding with electric high-density oxidized coating sealing treatment which have characteristics of anti-acid, anti-corrosion, good weatherproof, high strength, low weight and not easy to deform.
Screen is easy to be rolled and its position device is lockable. Portable screen tripod’s height is adjustable, can withstand the weight of about 30kg.
Screen material:Matte White –PVC laminated with glass fiber complex layer-type as fiber base with vertical and horizontal alignment interweaving, its surface applied with high-contrast optical latex which can wipe cleanly and its ideal scattering angle can be up to 100 degree, gain ratio of 1:1.
Tripod Projection Screens
item no inch
Fabric Size Viewing area external size
cm inch cm cm
75" 159*159 60*60 152*152 174*9.8*12
90" 183*183 72*72 178*178 190*9.8*12
100" 221*221 84*84 213*213 230*9.8*12